Under the nickname of Camille Duarte are Carmen A. and Lucille DC., a Spanish and French EVS volunteer involved in the Project YOUTH ACTIVITY FOR CREATIVE LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT located on an Art School in Dabrowa Gornicza (Poland), during the time period of Novembre 1 to June 30.

Carmen A. is graduated of Fine Arts and has a postdegree in education

Newly diplomate in graphic design, I've choose to make a gap year to get involved in a cause which I believe in and in a second part make my skills in application for an association. In fact, culture is one of the most important to me. My projects during my classes were near to this issues, in other words, I tried to show how this field can create social connections and can improve the life of all. Also, I would like to exchange on of my passion, arts and craft In its great diversity. Work in an Art School is actually a great opportunity to learn about the pedagogy and the tools of teaching. I hope create connections with people and give a new and fresh point of view in some projects.

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